Out July 24th 2014

Sarah's mother breaks into big houses to sleep in rich people's beds.

Sarah's father is marrying a lap danger in a Barbados hotel, and asks Sarah to be his bridesmaid.

Sarah's lover has just got engaged to his latest leading lady...

What will happen when all four of them are in the Caribbean together?

                 Seven Days to Tell You

A bereavement, I called it. A death without a body, 
        a coffin, a note or a reason. But now what do I call it? 
       What do I call it now that you have come back?

       When Kate marries Marc, a wild, sexy Frenchman she meets
 on holiday, everyone is stunned. But Marc proves to be
 an adoring, loving 
and attentive husband - 
until one morning he goes out, and doesn't come back.

       After three years searching for him, Kate tries everything to start living again without the man she just can't stop loving.

        Then one morning, she wakes up with Marc asleep in her bed.
He asks for seven days to prove his love.
 After that week, Kate has to make her decision. 

Dare Kate let Marc back into her life?
            Is a week enough to learn the truth?
      And while she decides, will her new life wait?

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